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Atomic Motor - News

News Items of Possible Interest to Followers of Cold Fusion

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MIT Science Colloquium "On Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions(LANR)"

The Science and Technology of Deuterated Metals

Date: Saturday, August 18, 2007
Title: Colloquium on the Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Material Science of Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions [cold fusion, LENR]
Place: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Tentative Lecture Schedule: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
please note the expanded hours]

Experimental Studies of Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions
Excess Heat Measurements in Deuterated Palladium
Dr. Mitchell Swartz
Review of experimental presentations at ICCF13 (Sochi, Russia)
Dr. Scott Chubb
Gamma emissions from CR39 Films near
Codeposited Deuterated Pd
Dr. Larry Forsley
Optimal Operating Point and Tardive Thermal Power in Deuterated Pd
Dr. Mitchell Swartz
Loading Studies of Pressure Loaded Hydrided Metals
Rick Cantwell
Phenomena associated with Ultrahigh Loading Rates of Wires
Dr. Brian Ahern

Theoretical Analyses of Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions
Phonon Theory Involving Deuterated Metals
Prof. Peter Hagelstein
Thoughts on Creation of Useful Models of CMNS Systems
Dr. Michael Melich
Symmetry and Finite Size in the QED of Lattice-Assisted (d)-d Fusion
Dr. Scott Chubb
Solid State Fusion in Deuterated Metals
Dr. Talbot Chubb

Business/IP Issues of Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions
The Blockage of Patent Applications
Prof Robert Rines

Other Lectures to be Announced
Tentative Group Discussions [Current R&D issues, Intellectual Property]:
Current Issues/problems in CR39, and other types of recording devices.
Business Developments.


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